Corporate Training Module

The day we trained professionals from National Institute of Design (NID) on Multimedia software was the turning point in the history of XDS. We strongly believe that teaching fresh students i.e. students entering new to multimedia is definitely a challenging task, but the day a company starts to train, trained multimedia professionals, people who already have a strong design and or software background is when the real acid test happens. XDS feels happy to state that we have had a sting of opportunities to train successful industry professionals and this experience has been an enriching one.

Over these years we have been fortunate to have trained professionals from over a dozen prestigious institutions as well as companies and to name all of them here would be boasting of our talents, yet we feel happy to mention a few i.e.

  • Centre for Environmental Planning & Technology
  • Education Multimedia Research Centre (EMRC)
  • Times of India
  • Mudra Institute (MICA)