Teaching Methodology

A unique system of "OCPP", Online, Classroom, and Projection & Practical Industry based teaching is used at XDS which provides a strong curriculum of conceptual problem solving, innovation, critical thinking and formal design working within the frame work of time, providing relevance to the learning.

A choice of software after looking at the Domestic as well as International market scenario that our studensts only get to study what is relevant. Our career program covers the maximum number of software taught anywhere under any multimedia program. Each theory session is backed up with any equal amount of practice or lab session, thus making our courses one of the most exhaustive.

We believe in teaching our students how to create and produce industry required products and services and not just how to use a particular software. Cover all aspects of the software. Prone towards coming down to various sorts of applications and services. Extensive research has gone into coming up with the right learning experience for our students. Students get an exposure to various applications along with the regular lectures.

We recognize that design is a cultural force that spans the consumer, commerce and social causes and thus a real world approach to design assures aesthetics, functionality, value and meaning to all student projects. Query solving sessions.